hudadesu: Congratulations for getting accepted !! I will be applying for the KGSP undergraduate next year, wish me luck TT^TT

Thank you! I wish you the best and do your maximum to be accepted and don’t lose faith if it doesn’t work, try the next year!

Keimyung University

It’s out, final results are out. I am going to make my first year of Korean language study in Keimyung university 계명대학교. Thanks again to the NIIED.

At first I was kind of sad to be there because it’s location is in Daegu and some of my friends are in Seoul. My university Master campus is out of Seoul too but I’ll be able to go to Seoul more easily than in Daegu. Anyway, whatever the location I’ll be I’m excited to discover Korea!

Now there’s a bit more than 2months to wait, or I mean, to enjoy my little France before leaving :)

I haven’t understood a bar of music in my life, but I have felt it.
-Igor Stravinsky  (via r-ecollections)

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Il va falloir rêver car, pour que les choses deviennent possibles, il faut d’abord les rêver.
-Madeleine Chapsal

안녕하세요. 저는 줄리앙 입니다. 반가워요.

Hello everybody.
My name is Julien and I am from France. Actually I am 22years old and finished my studies in Plastic Arts. I love digital arts, sports and food. That’s all you need to know, seriously. But I’m kinda cool so I’m going to tell some more just because you are in the right section.

I practiced 대권도/Taekwondo when I was young, graduated black belt and then started Martial arts tricking. Look for it on youtube this is something really beautiful to see.

Actually I am going to study for 3 years in South Korea on the end of August. My Master’s main major will be Interactive Multimedia Design. I’m going for the Hanyang University, ERICA campus.

Feel free to ask anything if you are curious.

Here are some links if you want to follow ALL my last creations(yep I’m an art student) :

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